3/8 in Clamp for Fermtech Auto Siphon

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Product Overview

The Auto-Siphon Clamp ... an indispensable accessory!

Fermtech 3/8" Auto-Siphon Clamp This clamp will hold the 3/8" Auto Siphon in place on your bucket or carboy 

Clamps to buckets, carboys and other containers. Holds the Auto Siphon securely above the sediment while transferring. To use, simply snap on the Auto Siphon, slide down to the desired level, and then snap off when done. Use the 3/8 inch Auto Siphon Clip for Mini and Regular 3/8 inch Auto Siphons.

  • Clamps to Buckets, Carboys and Gallon Jugs.
  • Holds Auto-Siphon securely above sediment.
  • Snap on, slide down, snap off
  • 3/8" for Regular and Mini Auto-Siphons.

TIP: Use the Clamp to park your Fermtech bottle filler ... The Siphon Valve ... if you need to interrupt filling.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review