3mL Pipette Plastic

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Product Overview

Pipette 3mL Mad Millie Graduation Interval: 0.5 mL

Used for accurately measuring very small quantities of liquid.

Place Pipette in desired liquid. Pinch the Pipette's bubble end to create suction & control the amount of liquid extracted.

Wash & sterilise Pipette before & after use.

A very handy measuring instrument made of plastic used to measure or transfer small amounts of rennet or lipase as well as calcium chloride or other transfers of small quantities of liquids.

Using the pipette: Insert thin end into the bottle. Squeeze bulb and release. Liquid will be drawn up into the pipette. Adjust the quantity by increasing or decreasing the amount the bulb is pressed. Rinse with water between products to avoid contamination.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review