7.9 Gallon (30 L) Plastic Bucket Fermenter food-grade - Lid sold separately

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Product Overview

A 30L (7.9 gal) food-grade plastic bucket. Ideal for all fermentations, but especially ideal for wine kits, beers that tend to have a high krausen (hefe) and any fermentation that is slightly too large for your 6 gallon pail. Features an indent for a spigot to thread into, must be bored out.  

The smooth walls are easier to clean compared with other blow molded fermenters that have quite porous walls.

Why Polypropylene?
These buckets are made from polypropylene as it is less porous and significantly smoother than other HDPE fermenters. HDPE is porous and can harbor microbial activity making it more difficult to clean and sanitize.
Being less porous, polypropylene also does not absorb aroma like HDPE so there is less favour carry over from batch to batch.

Approximate Dimensions: 15.75" Wide x 16.25" Tall

Lid sold separately, see item BMFE357B


(No reviews yet) Write a Review