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A premium combination of citric, malic & tartaric acids used to increase the acidity of wine.

Malic acid contributes tartness to wines. It is the primary acid found in apples for a point of reference. Citric acid, of course, is the dominant acid found in citris fruits. Tartaric acid also brings tartness to wine and is the dominant acid in cranberries.

Its use is often prescribed in wine recipe books and used primarily for fruit wines (non grape)

Acid Blend is a granulated blend of the three most commonly found fruit acids: citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. It is added directly to a wine or must to raise its acidity level when necessary. The acidity of a wine is the tart or sharp taste. Wines too low in acid are flat or flabby tasting. Wines too high in acid are tart or sharp tasting.

It’s typically used in wines that are naturally lacking in acid, which typically results in a flat tasting wine. Acid Blend adds liveliness to the wine and helps to bring out its fruity flavors. Having a proper level of acidity will help establish a vigorous fermentation. Before you add any acid to a wine you should first check its acid level with pH strips or an acid test kit.

An acid Test Kit (acidometer) may be used to determine the acidity and usage.

Before Fermentation: Dissolve the required amount of Acid Blend directly into the wine before the yeast is added. Titration readings taken with an Acid Testing Kit should be about .55% tartaric for a proper fermentation. Readings taken using pH strips should be about 3.8-3.4. One level teaspoon of Acid Blend will raise the acid content of one U.S. gallon by .15% tartaric.

At Bottling Time:
Sometimes wines will not taste their best, even when they are at their optimal level of acidity and may require a slight final acid adjustment to taste. This also depends on the wine’s character and your personal taste. To accomplish this, first, put measured amounts of Acid Blend, in a quart sized sample of your wine. If you add too much to your sample, blend it back into the batch and pull a new sample. Once the dosage is established, add that does to the entire batch.

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Here are 5 helpful things you should know about Acid Blend.

  1. Always Know How Much Acid Blend To Add:
    Never guess at how much Acid Blend you should be using. Either have a wine recipe that tells you how much Acid Blend to add, or use and Acid Testing Kit to determine how much Acid Blend is needed to bring the wine into a respectable range.
  1. One Teaspoon Of Acid Blend Will Raise One Gallon By .15%:
    An Acid Testing Kit will measure acidity in terms of percentage by weight. With most wines you will want an acidity level in the .55% to .70% range. Once you know your wine's current acidity level, you can use the .15%, per teaspoon, per gallon, rule to know how much Acid Blend you need to add.
  1. Acid Blend Is Easy To Add But Very Difficult To Take Out:
    If there is ever any question as to how much Acid Blend you should be adding, always error to the low side. You can easily add more later. It's effects are instant. But if you add too much, the process for getting it out is, quite frankly, a big pain.
  1. The Acid Level Of A Wine Can Change During A Fermentation:
    It's not unusual for some acid to drop out of the wine during a fermentation. Conversely, the fermentation can make acid to replace what is lost. With these two things in mind it is possible for the acidity level to slightly rise or fall during a fermentation. For this reason you may need to do a second adjustment to the wine just before bottling.
  1. Wine Ingredient Kits Do Not Call For Acid Blend At All:
    If you are using wine making juices in the form of Wine ingredient kits to make your wine, you do not need to add Acid Blend to your wine. You do not need to worry about taking acid level readings. This is because the producers of these kits have already tested and adjusted the acidity level for you. They have it corrected perfectly for the type of wine you are making.

The most common composition of Acid Blend is 45% malic, 45% citric and 10% tartaric.

also availabe as Equal parts Citric, Malic, and Tartaric Acid



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