American Ale Beer Ingredient Refill Kit (1 Gal)

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Product Overview

This pale, hoppy ale features the big aroma and flavor of Cascade hops, with low alcohol and light body for easy drinking. The taste of Pale Ale from 1994--in a good way.

Color/Body: Blond/Light
Bitterness: High
Estimated Alcohol: 4.5%

Specialty Malts & Additions
Also Known As Character Malts, This Grain
Gives Your Beer The Majority Of Its Color And
Body, As Well As Its Malt Flavor And Aroma.
4 Oz Crystal 15l

Fermentable Malt Extracts
Malt Extract Provides The Bulk Of The
Fermentable Sugars Used By The Yeast To
Create Your Beer.
1.25 Lbs Briess Golden Light

Hops Provide Beer'S Bitterness, As Well As
Spicy, Floral, Piney And/Or Citrusy Flavors And
Aromas, Depending On The Varieties Used.
0.25 Oz Magnum
Bittering Hops - Boil For 60 Minutes
0.25 Oz Cascade
Flavor Hops - Boil For Final 5 Minutes
0.25 Oz Cascade
Aroma Hops - Boil For Final 1 Minute

Yeast Are The Microorganisms Responsible
For Converting The Malts' Sugars Into Alcohol.
Different Strains Of Yeast Lead To Different
Flavors In The Beer.
Safale Us-05 Dry Brewer's Yeast


(No reviews yet) Write a Review