American Wheat Beer Brewcraft Premium Beer Ingredients Kit

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Product Overview

The American Wheat Beer has low esters and none of the phenolic spicy (clove-like) characteristics of the German Hefeweizen. Instead, it has a distinct clean wheat and malt flavor and enticing wheat bread-like aroma, complemented by mellow hop bitterness and flavor.


If you’re interested in making beer at home, there’s no better place to start than with this American wheat beer homebrew ingredient kit by Brewcraft USA.

Brewcraft is a mainstay in the homebrewing industry, known for their high quality equipment and ingredients. This American wheat beer ingredient pack is no different.

The kit comes complete with all of the grains, hops, malt, yeast, sugar, and accessories you need, plus a detailed instruction sheet that walks you right through the brewing process.

Forget gathering ingredients one by one. Grab this recipe pack and get started on a batch of your own brew right away.

  • Complete ingredient to make your own American Wheat Beer
  • Includes detailed instruction sheet
  • (1) Pack brewer’s grains
  • (1) Pack (3 lbs.) dry malt
  • (1) Container (3.3 lb.) Bavarian Wheat pure malt extract
  • (50) bottle caps
  • (1) Pack (11 g) ale yeast
  • (2) Hops steeping bags
  • (1) Grain steeping bag
  • (1) Pack (1 oz.) Mt. Hood hops
  • (1) Pack (1 oz.) Williamette hops
  • (1) Pack priming sugar
  • (1) Instruction sheet



(No reviews yet) Write a Review