B44 Whiteout Imperial Organic Liquid Yeast

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Product Overview

Imperial Yeast B44 Whiteout is perfect for Belgian Wit style beers, producing an excellent balance of spicy phenolic character and esters. Beside the necessary aromatics, Whiteout produces an impressive amount of acidity making it quintessential for wits as well as other light colored Belgian ales. Whiteout has shown to be flocculent during fermentation, then become non-flocculent towards the end, leading to a possible slow down of normal fermentation.

  • Temp: 62-72°F, 17-22°C
  • Flocculation: Med-low
  • Attenuation: 72-76%
  • Cell Count: 200 Billion
Mangrove Jack Equivalent: M21 Belgian Wit
White Labs Equivalent:
 Belgian Wit Ale – WLP400
Wyeast Equivalent: Belgian Wit – WY3944
Usage Instructions:
  • ​Store refrigerated until ready to pitch
    • Shake and kneed pouch to homogenize slurry
    • Sanitize the sealed pouch
    • Open and pitch entire contents into well-aerated wort


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