Beer Faucet Cleaning Adapter with 5/16" Barb - Beer Line Cleaning Attachment

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Product Overview

Use this item to attach your cleaning equipment to your draft setup. Simply connect this fitting onto your faucet shank, attach some tubing onto the tailpiece, and pump sanitizer back through your lines. Cleaning your draft setup just got much easier!

For a more thorough beer tap cleaning, use this attachment to connect your keg cleaning equipment to your system. When it's time to flush your lines, simply screw this male threaded plated brass fitting onto the female faucet attachment on your wall or tower shank and push your line tubing onto the 5/16" tail piece.

  • Use this attachment to connect your keg cleaning equipment to your system
  • Made of plated brass
  • The assembly includes a cleaning attachment, rubber washer and 5/16" tail piece
  • Easy to use!
  • Great replacement part for draft beer cleaning kit


  • Cleaning Attachment
  • Rubber Washer
  • 5/16" Tailpiece
  • Fits 5/16" I.D. Tubing

Faucet Thread to 5/16" Barb Adapter
Faucet adapter attaches to faucet connection.

This Faucet Adapter With 5/16" Barb screws onto the end of a draft beer shank or faucet connection to allow for line cleaning and other uses.


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