Beer Nipple Shank Assembly 1/4 in Bore

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Product Overview

Nipple Beer Shank Assembly 1/4 in Bore. Built-in 1/4" hose nipple, no extra fittings needed!
  • Can be installed into an existing single shank hole
  • Constructed of chrome-plated brass
  • Features 7/8"-14 (5/8" BSP) thread
  • Shank is mounted through 1" hole in wall, refrigerator door, or cabinet
  • Comes with black flange on front and compression ring on back
  • Compression ring secures shank to mounting surface
  • All shanks come fitted with 1/4" barbĀ for beer line connection

The shank can be installed into an existing single shank hole and has a 1/4" bore.

Beer shanks are another piece of equipment needed to deliver beer to your glass. It provides a transition between the beer line and the faucet.

It is needed because the faucet has to be solidly anchored in order to function (the exception is the picnic tap which is hand-held). That anchor is the draft tower or cooler/refrigerator wall.

The beer shank assembly varies with nature of the draft system involved, but the basic functions are the same:

1) provides a place to attach the beer line

2) provides a means to attach the assembly to either a draft tower or other vertical surface (for example a refrigerator door)

3) provides an attachment point for the faucet using a faucet coupling

4) provides a "bore" or channel for the beer to flow through on its way to your glass

5) provides a conductive mass to help maintain the cold temperature of the beer while it is in the shank


(No reviews yet) Write a Review