Beer Plate Filter Pads AF1 BV1 (Rough) Round 8.75 in Filter Pad Coarse

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Round 8.75" Filter Pad Coarse: 5-7 microns, Clean up your beer and give it that sparkling clarity you see in commercial brews. Filtering removes yeast and dry-hop sediment, both of which can impart off flavors. It's also a great way to give your beer that extra edge in competition.
These filter pads are for use with our BMFIL45 series of plate filters that requires 2 filters to be used at the same time of the same type.
Rough pads will provide between 5-7 Micron filtration.

Round 8.75" Filter Pad Coarse: 5-7 microns.

Fits True Brew, Vintage Shop, and Vinamat Filter Heads AF1/BV1 FILTER PAD (COARSE) EACH Micron Rating 5 - 7 used with our plate filters

This 5-7 micron grade Filter Pad is recommended for most uses, as it is less likely to clog halfway through the 5 gallon batch if there is excessive yeast in the beer.

This grade will filter 5 gallons of beer that has fallen clear, but still has some yeast in suspension.

These are disposable - you will need two pads per 5 gallon batch of beer.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review