Black Gel Food Color by LorAnn Flavor Oils

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Product Overview

LorAnn’s Professional Extra Strength Black Gel Food Coloring is ideal for use in a wide variety of cream-based baked goods, candies, cookie dough, cream cheese, frostings, marzipan and whipped toppings. 

LorAnn Black Gel Food Color can be used interchangeably with LorAnn liquid colors - you will just need less to achieve the same hue.
Tip: Add gel color using a toothpick. To prevent contamination, always use a fresh toothpick each time color is added.

Kosher certified
Concentrated color
Water soluble
Gel food color is more concentrated than liquid coloring and are available in a rainbow of brilliant shades.  Gel food coloring is an ideal choice when you want to impart vibrant color to your finished candies, baked goods - even Easter eggs. 

Our professional-strength Gel Food Colorings are available in a rainbow of hues and are formulated to be used by the professional as well as in the home kitchen. Liquid food color is ideal for tinting an array of candies, baked goods and frosting.  

Add just a few drops for a light tint, add several drops for a bolder hue.  Get inventive and combine one or more colors to create a customized shade.

Use alone, or in combination with other colors.


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review