1. Another year has come and gone, and I didn't get much brewing done this last year. Last night, I did pull out my brewing notebooks in an effort to get ideas for beers I might want to rebrew and refine in 2013 and I discovered one thing -- my brewing has been a lot more episodic than I thought. I discovered that I've had a few years like 2012, years when I didn't brew very many batches. In most cases, these were followed by years in which I brewed quite a lot. This year, I'm definitely going to brew more, and I've already figured out how.

    First off, my normal procedure is to make a yeast starter 2 or 3 days before I brew, and only brew if the yeast is in good shape. This year I plan to get a few packets of dried yeast and, if the opportunity arises, brew that day and just use dried yeast. I've used Fermentis US-05 before with good results. 


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  2. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, a new brewpub opened up about a block from me. Bastrop Brewhouse has been open for a couple months now, serving guest beers from Austin brewers (including Live Oak, (512), Circle and Independence). But now they are on the cusp of serving their own creations.

    Last week, they brewed their first beer on their 3.5-barrel system. Getting there took awhile. Originally, the burners the brewer (Ed Peters) ordered didn’t seem like they were doing the job. He was worried that they didn’t have enough gas pressure to generate a sufficient amount of heat to boil the wort. As it turns out, the company had sent the wrong burners and once that error got straightened out, he had plenty of BTUs. Also, the glycol system (that circulates around the fermenters and cools them) was leaky and Ed had to charge the system with water and track and down all the leaks before they could start brewing. 


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  3. Last Friday, my wife and I attended the 29th annual Dixie Cup, the homebrew contest and conference of Houston’s Foam Rangers. We’ve attended several Dixie Cups before and always had fun, and this year’s conference was no exception. 

    Every Dixie Cup has a theme. This year’s theme was Beermagedon, based on the supposed Mayan prediction of the end of the world. Every year, the Dixie Cup also has a special category to their contest. This year, it was called The Last Beer on Earth. Entries for this category were actually due at last year’s Dixie Cup and they were stored outside in a shed for a year — including through a hot Texas summer — before being judged. (A brewer named Mark Todd won that category.) 

    Last year at this time, my club (the Austin ZEALOTS) was flying high. One of our members (Mark Schoppe) won the Templeton Award (most individual points at the Dixie Cup), our club won the Dixie Cup (most points by a homebrew club) and our showing at the Dixie Cup cemented our lead for the Lone Star Circuit (the combined points in all the BJCP contests in Texas). 

    This year we didn’t do as well. A Foam Ranger (Jeff Reilly) won the Templeton award and the Foam Rangers won the Dixie Cup. For some reason, the winner of the Lone Star Circuit hasn’t been announced, but the Rangers may have surged ahead at the Cup and won this, too. Oh, well. 

    If the world doesn’t end this year, the next Dixie Cup will be the 30th — in other words, it will be Dixie Cup XXX. Take a wild guess what the theme is. 


    My wife and I at Beermageddon. 

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  4. I love biology. One of my undergraduate majors was biology and I have a PhD in biology. If you really understand the subject, it gives you a perspective on life different from most people’s. For example, most biology majors end up taking either a parasitology or an epidemiology course for their undergrad degree. And slowly, as the semester progresses, you are transformed from a happy, well-adjusted human into a Howard Hughes-like recluse, afraid that all your food is teeming with worms and every door handle is a germ-smeared death sentence. (Ah, the memories!) 

    But eventually you get over it, rediscover sushi and get on your life. And if your life includes brewing, you have some absorbed some information that can help you become a better brewer. I believe one of the biggest benefits of having a biology background is a simple thing — understanding how small bacteria are. 

    Bacteria are small. Most are just a couple microns across. Brewers yeast cells, which are also small enough to be microscopic, are about 10 times larger than all the standard wort-spoiling or beer-spoiling bacteria. With 40X magnification, you can see yeast cells fairly well with a light microscope. (If the cells are not stained, turn the back lighting way down.) With 100X magnification (the next highest power on most light microscopes), most (stained) bacteria look only slightly bigger than a dot. 

    Now, just for some scale, let’s compare this to a speck of dust. We’ve all been in a room with a ray of sunshine coming in from a window and we’ve all seen specks of dust floating in the air. The size of dust particles depends on what the dust is made of, but if they are big enough to be visible, but small enough to stay aloft in a mostly still room, they are probably between 50 and a 100 microns — i.e. 10 to 20 times larger than bacteria. 

    There are many ways that bacteria can come in contact with wort or beer. Bacteria can come from unsanitized surfaces. They can also be introduced with the pitching yeast. Most major problems with contaminated beer probably come from these two sources. But one thing you can be sure of, your wort is going to be contaminated with airborne bacteria. 

    I’m not saying this to be defeatist. Everyone’s beer -- homemade or commercial -- has some degree of airborne contamination. 

    So what to do about it as a homebrewer? Well, just as you’ll eventually get back to eating sushi after taking a parasitology course, you’ll get over worrying about the fact that your wort is inevitably contaminated and begin to take steps to keep the level manageable. I would suggest a couple things. During your brewday (and especially when wort or beer may be exposed to the air), assume that you are walking around in a mist of bacteria. (You are, even in environments that are very clean by ordinary standards.) Based on this, take these four precautions:

    If your wort is exposed to air, you should cover it with a sanitary cover. (For example, if I’m bottling, I’ll cover the top of the bottling bucket with sanitized aluminum foil.) You should minimize the amount of time your wort (or beer) is exposed to the air. (Don’t rush, but don’t let it sit exposed for longer than necessary.) Clean your environment of things that may harbor bacteria or wild yeast (esp. food). And finally, pitch a lot of yeast. A small amount of contamination (of the size that is inevitable from airborne sources) is easily undone by getting a quick start to your fermentation. With a good pitch, the bacteria should be vastly outnumbered and will quickly perish (or go dormant) from the rising alcohol levels and falling pH. 

    Now, did you know that Taenia solium, a cestode (tapeworm) that parasitizes pigs can get in your brain and eat it? It can. Enjoy your next pork chop. 

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  5. Summer is here and . . . hey, what happened to summer? How is it almost fall already?

    For lots of people, summer is beer season. It's hot and beer is widely viewed as a thirst-quenching beverage. (We homebrewers, of course, know that there is a beer for every season.) And this summer, in Texas, I had some good thirst-quenching beers. The Austin ZEALOTS picnic, in particular, was one day that I had some good beers. Held again this year at Emma Long Municipal Park, the ZEALOTS (the homebrew club from Austin I belong to) threw a great bash featuring somewhere in the neighborhood of forty 5-gallon Corny kegs of homebrew, a 68-lb. roasted pig (thanks to Roger Kovalcheck for roasting that) and plenty of ribs that were entered in our second annual rib cook off.

    There were too many good beers to mention, so I'll mention one beverage I had a hand in instead. As I detailed in an earlier blog entry, Joe White, Dave Ebel and I brewed a Four Loko clone awhile back -- not because we view Four Loko as a distinguished beverage, but for the technical challenges (of which there were a few). It was our "horizontal Everest," as we put it. Well, Dave brought his portion that he flavored with watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers and pushed it through a watermelon Randall. As it turned out, it succeeded at being what it was supposed to be -- sweet, fruity tasting and alcoholic (about 12% ABV) without tasting hot. (Or, as one of us -- I forget who -- put it, "Oh man, if I were in Junior High, I'd love this.") Challenge met, now let's never speak of it again. 

    In other local news, someone opened a brewpub about a block from my house. The Bastrop Brewhouse just opened, with guest beers from local Austin breweries on tap while the on site 3-barrel brewhouse is being assembled. For the grand opening, the two brewers -- my friends Ed Peters and Kevin Glenn -- brewed six days straight on two homebrew rigs to have enough beer for the festivities, highlighted by a concert by Kinky Freidman (a Texas legend). Hopefully, their brewhouse will be up and running in late September. 

    If many beer drinkers view summer as beer drinking season, many homebrewers view fall as the start of homebrewing season. Temperatures fall into the range in which ales can be brewed without temperature control and brewers start dreaming of what beers they will produce for the winter and holiday season. This year, I have been really crunched for time and haven't been able to brew as much as I'd like. So what am I going to do about it? Whine about it on my blog like a little girl? Well, maybe just a little, but in a practical sense, I think I'm going to crank out some partial mash brews. Partial mash brewdays are little shorter than a full all-grain brewday, and I can do everything in my kitchen (since it's still hotter than Hades here in Texas, even if fall is approaching). I'm going to start with partial mah adaptations of my pale ale and porter recipes -- which I've brewed over 20 times each in their all-grain versions -- just to get a couple Corny kegs worth of beer in my beer fridge, then I'll see what comes next. I didn't brew my cranberry beer for Thanksgiving last year, so I definitely want to do that. I'd also like to take another crack at a Vienna lager and also make some kind of hop bomb, like maybe a rye IPA. 

    While summer was passing me by, I had a lot of great ideas for blog entries. Did I write them? No, of course not. But hopefully I'll get around to them this fall. I learned how to make "solid beer" (AKA bread, and I have a couple beer bread recipes that are awesome) and I also now have the equipment to make hard cheese, which I'm going to try soon. In addition, along with all the "normal" beers I hope to get brewed, I'd like to try one experimental idea -- malting beans and making a "beer" from them. I'll start, however, with the partial mash brews and see how things go. 

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    When I moved to Boston, for graduate school in 1991, I remember seeing Sam Adams T-shirts saying, “I am a revolting beer drinker.” I thought the shirts were clever and was intrigued by the idea of trying a locally-made beer. The only other locally-made beer I’d had to that point was drinking Schell’s while visiting a friend in New Ulm, Minnesota in the late 80’s (before Schell’s started making craft beers). 


    When I first tried it, I didn’t know what to think. It was very different from any beer that I had ever had, but different in a way I liked. A couple of weeks later I knew all about craft beer. (There was much less to know at that point.) Beer came in many styles and flavors, and many small American brewers were brewing beer rivaling the best imports, which I was also discovering at the time. 


    For Bostonians, local and regional beers — including Sam Adams, Harpoon, Catamount, Dock Street and others — provided flavors and aromas that had been absent from American palates up to that point. I also learned how to brew my own beer that year. For me, and many beer drinkers at the time, there was a beer revolution going on. 


    This last week, I’ve been in Boston and — judging from the beers I’ve tried — I think that Boston beer is still “revolting.” A lot of breweries have opened up in Massachusetts recently, and there are some interesting stories relating to some of them. To pick one example, Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project describes themselves as “tenant brewers” — renting open time slots in existing breweries to brew their beer (in a way that’s similar to Mikkeller). Their flagship beer, Jack D’or, is a pale, “Belgiany” beer reminiscent of a saison. 


    Jack’s Abby — which despite it’s Belgian-sounding name actually specializes in German-stye lagers — has a nice beer out called Smoke and Daggers. They describe it as a cross between a schwarzbier and a smoked porter. I’m a fan of smoked beers, and this one was a winner in my book. 


    Other new Massachsetts breweries — including High and Mighty, Slumbrew and more — are making tasty beers that go beyond simply being another pale ale or IPA. Belgian-inspired beers are becoming more popular, "hybrid" beers (in which established beer styles are mixed) are showing up more frequently and a few beers being released make no attempt to align themselves with a style. (They are what they are — as beers in Belgian are.) 


    Even established breweries are making some interesting beers. Cambridge Brewing Company — which was just voted brewpub of the year (in some contest or other) — is now making a beverage that’s a blend of beer and sake. I really liked it, which surprised me since I’m not a big fan of sake. 


    In some ways, the Boston beer scene is settling down. Sam Adams is now very familiar and is distributed across the US (and even exported to other countries). Harpoon is big enough that I can get their IPA (and UFO brand) in Texas. And, of course, some of the early breweries are gone. (Catamount was gobbled up by Harpoon back in the 90s after their new brewery was built and they weren’t selling enough beer to get by. I don’t know what ever happened to Dock Street.). 


    On the other hand, the newer, smaller breweries are trying to keep the revolution moving forward . . . or at least pushing some boundaries and fermenting change in the beer scene. [Not that the "big guys" are set in their ways, I enjoyed a Harpoon Bacon Bock (and experimental beer; they released one keg to the Sunset Grill) while I was there and Sam Adams continues its experimental program, especially in the area of exceedingly high alcohol beers.] 


    So Boston, which was the seat of one famous revolution, continues to play a role in the ongoing craft beer revolution. 





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  7. Back in the day, the Rolling Stones recorded a song called "Time is on my Side," and the first lyrics from the song are "Time is on my side/yes it is." If anything makes me hate the 60's more than I already do, it's the idea that people actually had time on their hands back then. Here in 2012, nobody I know has much free time for anything, including me. 

    Which brings me to this blog entry. Do I have a lot of wonderful and interesting new things to report. No, sadly, I don't. 

    I brewed a tripel not too long ago. Where is it? Languishing in the primary fermenter.

    I brewed a Four Loko clone shortly after that after that. Where is it? Also still in it's primary fermenter. 

    James Spencer and I "recently" announced our newest experiment in our BYO/BBR Collaborative series, so I will describe that here. 

    Our latest experiment seeks to test if conducting a secondary fermentation is worth while. About a decade ago, standard homebrewing advice was to rack your beer to secondary after primary fermentation was finished, to let it settle. More recently, many homebrewers have suggested this is un-necessary and subjects the beer to possible oxidation.

    So, our experiment is this. Brew a batch of beer and split the wort into two fermenters (ideally, identical fermenters). Let them ferment. At the end of primary fermentation, rack one of the batches to secondary (preferably to a vessel with little headspace). Leave the other beer be. After both beers have been given time to settle, package both of them at the same time. See the file at Basic Brewing Radio (www.basicbrewing.com) for the data to record -- it's mostly how clear the beer is at various stages. Then, send us your results. (Even if you're late for the podcast deadline, you'll likely be in time for the BYO writeup.) 

    So that's what I've been up to recently. I'm looking forward to getting those beers kegged and getting a couple more brew days under my belt. All I need is . . . time. Luckily, I've been clearing the decks and hopefully, as The Chambers Brothers sang in 1996, I'll soon be singing "Time has Come Today." Did I ever mention how much I loved the 60's? 

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  8. You've probably gotten the look. That look you sometimes get when you tell someone you're a homebrewer -- and you know they view that as someone who makes a lot of booze, cheap. If you're unfortunate, you've had to explain that homebrew is not the equivalent of bathtub gin and you don't have a still hidden in the woods. If you're fortunate, you were regaled with the "funny" tale of Uncle So-and-So, who used to make homebrew and stored the bottles under the porch (for some reason, it's always under the porch), but then one day they all exploded. 

    I'm always amused at the difference between the perception of homebrewers and the reality. This was drawn into sharp focus last weekend when I gave a talk on water chemistry for the Austin ZEALOTS. Keith Bradley, a longtime ZEALOT and award-winning competitive homebrewer, discussed hosting a water seminar for club members on our Yahoo (email) group and got several positive responses. Debbie Cerda, another ZEALOT, until recently worked at a water treatment facility and volunteered to discuss how our local water is treated. As a former chemistry major, I volunteered to explain a little bit about pH and buffers. 

    We ended up holding the event at NXNW (an Austin brewpub) at 11 pm on Saturday, and it was "sold out" -- we didn't charge, but the room only held 40 people and we had that many register before hand. Debbie, Keith and I discussed water for 3 hours to a room full of homebrewers who not only stayed awake, but had lots of good questions. Imagine that, 40 homebrewers willing to spend 3 hours of their Saturday learning about water. 

    Debbie started us off and discussed water treatment in the Austin area and how this affects our water. One part of this was how and why chloramines are used, and how to deal with these as a brewer. I took the second leg and talked about pH and buffers. The take home message of my segment was that you should measure the pH of your mash, your wort as you are running it off and your boiling wort (cool the sample down first), but you don't need to bother to take (or adjust) the pH of your strike water or sparge water. Because wort is much more heavily buffered, the pH of your strike or sparge water doesn't give you any information about what your mash or wort pH is going to be, unless you have worked out a correlation by trial and error (and if so, that information only applies to you). Keith finished things off with a hypothetical look at three beers -- a pale beer, an amber and a dark beer -- and what mineral adjustments you'd need to make to turn Austin water into a suitable brewing liquor. His presentation used John Palmer's spreadsheet to calculate all the possible options. 

    So, the next time I get "the look," I think I'll relate the story of how 40 homebrewers were so interested in the science of their hobby, that they spent 3 hours on a Saturday listening to details of water treatment, pH in water (and wort) and adjusting the mineral content of your water to suit your beer style. There was water, water (chemistry) everywhere . . . and not a still or exploding bottle in sight. 

    At some point, these talks may make their way onto YouTube. They were videotaped, so it's possible, but I don't have any info on when that might be. 


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    So a couple weeks ago, as I detailed in my previous blog entry, I brewed a tripel. Last weekend, I brewed a quad . . . of sorts. OK, in reality, it was a clone of Four Loko. Yes, the sweet, obnoxiously artificially flavored “malternative” beverage that also contained caffeine, taurine and guanine until it got banned and the company changed the formula. 

    A great question at this point might be, why the hell would you do such a thing? It’s a long story, but it starts -- where many very, very bad ideas (bacon Randall anyone?) start -- at a ZEALOTS meeting. (The Austin ZEALOTS are my local homebrew club.) 

    I was talking with a couple fellow ZEALOTS, Dave Ebel and Joe White, and we were wondering if it would be possible to make something like that at home, hypothetically. After discussing it awhile and realizing the technical challenges it would entail, we decided to actually give it a shot. It was a little like seeing a mountain -- we wanted to try it because of the technical challenge. So, in short, making a Four Loko clone became our Everest . . . or, as a friend of mine put it, our horizontal Everest. 

    A great question at THIS point might be, what technical challenges are you talking about? Well, there are basically two, the first being to produce a very highly fermentable wort. For this, we decided on a grain bill of (basically) all 2-row pale malt and a fairly long step mash, plus a lot of refined sugar (which is 100% fermentable). The second challenge would be fermenting this high-gravity, low-nutrient wort. Our solution there was to make a very big yeast starter and add sufficient yeast nutrients. 

    We kicked around a few recipe ideas, Dave got the caffeine, taurine and guanine from the internet, and we were off to the races. 

    For 15 gallons of the unflavored base beer, we ended up with a grain bill of a whole lot of 2-row pale malt, 1 lb. (0.45 kg) of acidulated malt and 30% sugar -- enough to give an original gravity of 1.100 on my system. With a little luck in producing a highly fermentable wort, that should work out to about 12% alcohol by volume (ABV). 

    We did a step mash with a 45-minute rest at 140 °F, then ramped the temperature up to 150 °F for another 30 minutes. The ramping itself took about 15 minutes. After briefly recirculating, we ran all the wort off and started the boil. 

    We only boiled for 20 minutes, because we weren’t adding hops. So, we figured we only needed enough time to coagulate the hot break and then about 15 minutes to let the Irish moss work (plus boil off just a little volume). The sugar went in for the last 15 minutes and then we chilled the wort. 

    Upon chilling, we found out that we hit our numbers (or were within “spitting distance,” at least) and everything looked good. The color was a little deeper than we expected, but we were also looking into a large volume of wort after sunset. 

    Dave had made two large yeast starters using White Labs San Diego Super Yeast and we pitched a healthy amount of yeast to our fermenters. Dave took a bucket home and I’m fermenting Joe’s and my wort at my house. The fermentation was going strong the next morning and continued to chug away vigorously about 4 days, then slowed down substantially. In a couple days, I’ll take a gravity reading, but I think -- based on the amount of yeast we pitched -- that primary fermentation may be finished. 

    So, in a few weeks, we’ll need to decide what flavors to make and how to flavor and back sweeten the brew, but for now we feel like we’ve made it to the second base camp on our horizontal Everest. I’ll post an update when we go for the peak. 

    I'm going to brew again some time in the coming week (and it will be a "real" beer), but it's fun to try something different every now and then. (Ask me about my idea to try to make a beer from malted beans some time.) 



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  10. I brewed a Belgian-style tripel on Friday and had a great time for at least three reasons: 1.) My friend Dan Dewberry came over and brewed with me. 2.) This was my first brewday of 2012 and 3.) Everything went extremely well. 



    Last year, I was lucky enough to tour the Westmalle brewery in Belgium. Westmalle brews a tripel -- in fact, may have been the first brewery to do so (although there is some debate on this matter). Tasting their beer fresh at the source got me excited to take another stab at brewing a tripel at home. I had brewed one years ago but, while it certainly wasn't bad, it didn't really thrill me. So, armed with some new information -- including things I gleaned at Westmalle and from Stan Heironymus' book, "Brew Like a Monk" -- I set out to brew a tripel in the style of Westmalle. (Tripels actually vary quite a bit in Belgium, but I was most fond of the Westmalle tripel.) 

    The grain bill Dan and I settled on was just Pilsner malt, a little flaked wheat (~5%) and about 8% cane sugar. The percentage of cane sugar we used is a little lower than Westmalle uses (to strengthen the beer but not add to the body), but we mashed for a very fermentable wort, so things should even out. We had one hop addition, all Fuggles as first wort hops, to a calculated IBU level of about 30. (The picture above shows the kettle filling with the Fuggles pellets floating on top of the wort.) 

    We used a step mash and it went very well, we started with a 45 minute rest at 140 °F (in prime beta-amylase range), then ramped the temperature to 152 °F. As a result of reviewing my previous notes (and a little dumb luck), we hit the mash in temperature within 0.2 °F.

    The "ramp" between rests also went well. In the past, I noticed the temperature would initially drop when I started recirculating the wort and heating the mash tun. This is due to the heat loss as the wort left the mash tun and flowed through the hoses. This time, I heated the mash tun for about 3 minutes before starting recirculation (so the wort under the false bottom would heat up a bit), and the temperature only dipped a tiny bit. 

    Unfortunately, as a result of not reviewing my notes, I underestimated how long it would take to heat the sparge water and so the second rest rested for a few extra minutes as that came to temperature. We collected about 13 gallons (50 L) of wort and boiled for 90 minutes. 

    Near the end of the boil, we added some yeast nutrients, Irish moss and the sugar. At knockout, we had about 11 gallons (~40 L) of wort at 18.5 °Plato (roughly SG 1.074). We cooled (we had one small glitch here that extended the cooling time, but not so much as to cause any problems) until we reached 65 °F (18 °C), aerated and pitched our yeast. As luck would have it, Austin brewpub Uncle Billy's was brewing with the yeast we chose and Dan was able to get some from the brewer (thanks Amos!) on Wednesday. (Uncle Billy's brews very cleanly, so we weren't worried about the quality of the yeast.) 

    So, in all, it was a fun brewday. And -- despite the fact that I hadn't brewed in awhile and still haven't completely learned the ins and outs of my new brewing system -- everything went well. The only small snags we hit lengthened the brewday slightly, but shouldn't effect the quality of beer. (And, the weather was gorgeous that day, so a little longer time spent outside wasn't a bad thing.) 

    When it was all over, I poured a Westmalle Tripel and enjoyed it. 

    UPDATE: The beer was fermenting the next morning and I let the temperature rise to 70 °F (21 °C) Sunday afternoon. Today (Tuesday), it is still fermenting, but the rate of bubbling in the airlock has slowed to once every 17 seconds. 

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Remplissez le formulaire ci-dessous." } }, "homepage": { "onboarding": { "product_title": "Le nom de votre produit", "product_description": "Cette partie est utilisée pour la fiche du produit. Parlez aux clients de l'allure, du ressenti et du style de votre produit. Ajoutez des détails sur la couleur, les matériaux utilisés, le dimensionnement, et où il a été fabriqué.", "collection_title": "Le nom de votre collection", "blog_title": "Le titre de votre publication", "blog_excerpt": "Votre magasin n'a encore rien bloggué. Un blog peut être utilisé pour parler des lancements de nouveaux produits, d'astuces, ou d'autres nouvelles que vous voulez partager avec vos clients. Vous pouvez regarder le blog d'e-commerce de Shopify pour trouver de l'inspiration et des conseils pour votre propre magasin et blog.", "blog_author": "Nom de l'auteur", "no_content": "Cette section ne contient actuellement aucun contenu. Ajoutez-en en utilisant la barre latérale." } }, "layout": { "navigation": { "search": "Recherche", "toggle": "développer\/réduire", "expand": "révéler", "collapse": "fermer", "all_categories": "toutes catégories" }, "cart": { "title": "Panier", "items_count": { "one": "item", "other": "items" } }, "customer": { "account": "Compte", "log_out": "Se déconnecter", "logout": "Se déconnecter", "log_in": "Se connecter", "create_account": "Créer un compte", "sign_up": "S'inscrire", "wishlist": "Liste de souhaits" }, "footer": { "social_platform": "[[ name ]] sur [[ platform ]]" }, "list_page": { "grid": "La grille", "list": "Liste" } }, "products": { "product": { "regular_price": "Prix régulier", "sold_out": "Épuisé", "unavailable": "Non disponible", "on_sale": "Solde", "quantity": "Quantité", "add_to_cart": "Ajouter au panier", "back_to_collection": "Retour à [[ title ]]", "related_title": "Produits connexes", "qty_increase": "Augmenter", "qty_decrease": "Diminution", "deal_days": "Journées", "deal_hours": "Heures", "deal_minutes": "Minutes", "deal_second": "Seconde", "select_option": "Sélectionner une option", "add_to_wishlist": "Ajouter à la liste de souhaits", "add_to_review": "Ajouter à la critique", "first_review": "Soyez le premier avis", "compare_success_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté à la boîte de comparaison réussie", "compare_exist_msg": "[[ product_title ]] existe dans la boîte de comparaison", "compare_cart_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté à la liste de souhaits réussie", "compare_remove_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a été supprimé de la boîte de comparaison", "comparing_box": "Boîte de comparaison", "compare_no_items": "Il n'y a aucun élément dans la boîte de comparaison", "wishlist_success_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté à la liste de souhaits réussie", "wishlist_exist_msg": "[[ product_title ]] existe dans la liste de souhaits", "wishlist_cart_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté au panier", "wishlist_box": "Liste de souhaits", "wishlist_remove_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a été retiré de la liste de souhaits", "wislist_no_items": "Il n'y a aucun élément dans la liste de souhaits", "upsell_cart_msg": "\"[[ product_title ]]\" a ajouté à la liste de souhaits réussie", "upsell_block_title": "Souvent acheté avec \"[[ product_title ]]\"", "upsell_cart_qty": "[[ count ]] article", "upsell_product_page_title": "Vous aimerez peut-être aussi ces produits", "upsell_checkout_btn": "Caisse", "share": "Partager le produit", "share_on_facebook": "Partager sur Facebook", "share_on_twitter": "Partager sur Twitter", "share_on_pinterest": "Partager sur Pinterest", "share_on_google": "Partager sur Google+", "share_on_linkedin": "Partager sur LinkedIn", "availability": "Disponibilité", "in_stock": "En stock", "out_of_stock": "En rupture de stock", "quick_overview": "Rapide vue d'ensemble", "details": "Détails", "reviews": "Avis", "tags": "Tags du produit", "options": "Les options", "vendor": "Vendeur", "features": "Les traits", "size_chart": "Tableau des tailles", "sale_left_text":"[[ sales ]] VENDU. SE DÉPÊCHER! SEULEMENT QUELQUES GAUCHE!", "checkout_text": "Paiement sécurisé et approuvé avec", "quick_view_details": "Voir les détails", "open_light_gallery": "Cliquez ici pour ouvrir les images de la galerie" }, "upsell": { "recommend_text": "Quelqu'un a acheté un", "minute_ago": "il y a quelques minutes" } }, "gift_cards": { "issued": { "title_html": "Votre carte-cadeau [[ shop ]] d'une valeur de [[ value ]]!", "subtext": "Voici votre carte-cadeau!", "disabled": "Désactivée", "expired": "Expirée le [[ expiry ]]", "active": "Expire le [[ expiry ]]", "redeem_html": "Entrez ce code lors du paiement pour utiliser votre [[ value ]] carte-cadeau", "shop_link": "Boutique", "print": "Imprimer ce bon d'achat", "remaining_html": "[[ balance ]] restant", "add_to_apple_wallet": "Ajouter à Apple Wallet" } }, "date_formats": { "month_day_year": "%d %B, %Y" } } } Get Discount