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Product Overview

Spigot fits standard 5/16"and 7/16" hose.
When the valve is open and close, the hose does not turn.
Small body makes it easy to clean and takes less space than regular spigot.
Short Spigot fitting design, makes it easy to place it closer to the bottom of the Primary.
Comes assembled with O-ring and nut.
Fits 1" hole.

Plastic spigot for PET carboys, plastic buckets, and other containers. Features a barbed spout which will accept 5/16 inch or 3/8 inch ID tubing. Use the barb to extend tubing into your receiving container, or attach a spring tip bottle filler for an easy bottling solution.


Run hose end under hot water  before attaching to Spigot fitting.
When attaching TVS Spigot to Primary, do not over tight the nut. Hand tight should be enough.  If you apply too much pressure, you may damage the O-ring.
Do not apply excessive pressure to the spout when attaching or removing hoses.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review