Brewers Edge Weldless Kettle Valve

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Product Overview

Brewers Edge Weldless Kettle Valve

Nickel plated brass ball valve features a patented silicone O-ring mounting system, so it makes a positive seal against the outer pot wall without leaking. Features 3/8' female NPT threads on the inside to attach the included kettle screen or other 3/8' accessories. Installation instructions included.
Tools needed (not included): Electric drill 7/8' hole saw or step drill bit, metal punch or Philips screwdriver, hammer small file and safety glasses.
  • Weldless Ball Valve
  • Turn any kettle into a mash tun
  • Easy to install
  • Brewing Kettle Valve
  • Fits the Optional 3/8" Kettle Screen
  • Weldless Valve Allows To Be Installed On Any Pot
  • Makes Transferring Wort Easy!
  • 1/2" FPT outlet 3/8" FPT inlet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review