BrewKeg Dosing Device

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Product Overview

Portable dosing device to dose WilliamsWarn Clarification Agent into any number of BrewKeg. Required for all BrewKeg sizes (10/25/50)

On the gas side, it connects to a gas bottle or gas line and on the output side it connects to the beer out port on the lid of the BrewKeg

Portable dosing device for adding clarification agent to your WilliamsWarn BrewKeg. Keep your beer clear, even on the go! It connects to a gas line or gas bottle on one side and it connects to the beer out port of your BrewKeg on the other side.

The recommended pressure while using this device is 16 psi. For instructions on how to use the Dosing Device, see the BrewKeg10 user manual listed below.


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