Briess Carapils Copper Malt 30L (US)

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Unique dextrine-style malt that not only adds body, foam retention, and beer stability but also color and flavor. Briess Carapils Copper Malt has the full glassiness of Briess Carapils Malt

  • Malty, graham cracker, toasty
  • Use 10% to add copper/orange hues.
  • Use 20% for a reddish color, or 30% for a solidly red ale.
  • Provides color hues and balanced flavor notes between those of caramel, kilned and dry roasted malts
  • Color: 30L

Adds copper to red color, head retention, mouthfeel, and it even adds a gram cracker toasty flavor if used in larger quantities. Not said to be sweet, so it isn't a caramel/crystal malt. Zero diastatic power. Can be steeped.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review