Cabernet Sauvignon Vintner's Reserve Wine Kit (10L)

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Product Overview

Easy to make and easy to enjoy, Vintner's Reserve wines offer excellent quality flavors and aromas.

Ready in 4 weeks and makes 6 gallons.

Pairs with grilled or roasted beef, aromatic cheeses, lentils.

Deep ruby, with black currant and cedar on the nose.

  • Dry Sweetness
  • Medium Body
  • Medium Oak
10 liters / 2.5 US Gallons - yields 23 liters / 6 US Gallons

Ready to bottle in 4 weeks

Cabernet Sauvignon:
An example of Winexpert's commitment to quality when presenting a classic wine. Share with friends over hearty dinners. Bold, deep character; age for maximum benefits.
Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light
Skin Pack Included N
Ready In 4-5 Weeks
Concentrate Volume 10L


(No reviews yet) Write a Review