CarbaCap CO2 Injector Cap

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Product Overview

The CarbaCap makes it easy to keep that beer fresh by keeping a head space of CO2 in a standard PET Bottle. Whether you use a 2 liter bottle or a 20 ounce bottle, the Carbonater works great! So keep your beer fresh with the CarbaCap! Ball lock fitting required (sold separately). Works great with our Cornelius Keg Portable Co2 Charger too!

The CarbaCap will help you carbonate water, beer, wine, homemade soda, mixed drinks and even health drinks to your desired fizziness. With the CarbaCap's tried and true methods you can easily perfect any beverage you design.

  • Reliable and safe way to carbonate using standard food grade equipment.
  • Fits any standard one or two liter PET bottles.
  • Helps you carbonate and keeps carbonated any liquid.
  • Fits all standard ball lock gas injector/couplers.
  • Full and detailed instructions included with the Carbonater.
  • Great for homebound beer growler uses.
  • Makes a wonderful gift for anyone who likes carbonation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review