Castel del Papa with AllGrape Pack Renaissance Impressions Wine Kit (16L)

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Product Overview

Castel del Papa with AllGrape Pack Renaissance Impressions Wine Kit by Mosti Mondiale
It is distinguished by its intense deep-red, virtually black color. Good tannins, medium acidity and high alcohol level are all noticeable characteristics. Experience richness and fullness as the aromas of nutmeg and cocoa fills your glass. You will be conquered by the flavor of its ripe, small berries and lavender notes.
  • A Quality Premium, Castel del Papa, Home wine making kit.
  • Blended, concentrate AND 100% pure Castel del Papa juice kit - (50/50)
  • No sugar required to brew this kit. Approx 6 weeks kit.
  • 16 Litres in box, Produces up to 30 Bottles of a super Castel del Papa.
  • Wine making kit only - Equipment is not supplied with this kit.
Flavor Notes: Caramelized, Floral, Fruity, Nutty
  • Color : Red
  • Varietal : Castel del Papa
  • Collection : Renaissance Impressions
  • Body : Full
  • Origin : Italy
  • Package Type : Blended Grape Must
  • AllGrape Pack (Grape Skins)

Included in your wine kit
• Juice Bag 
• Yeast
• Yeast Nutrient – to be added when specific gravity is between 1.040-1.050
• Potassium Metabisulphite – to be used in Degassing, Clearing and Stabilizing step only
• Kieselsol & Chitosan clarifiers
• Potassium Sorbate stabilizers

In Selected Products (as needed)
• AllGrape® Pack
• Wine Conditioner
• Dried Raisins
• Kristalblok®
• Oak Chips
• Fruit Essence Bag – Summer Breeze only

Aditional supplies needed
• 200g/7.05 oz Potassium Metabisulphite for sterilization (or other homebrewing sanitiser)
• 30L/8 US Gallon Primary Fermenter
• Hydrometer
• Long Mixing Spoon
• 23L/6 US Gallon Carboy glass recommended
• Siphon Tube
• Airlock and Bung
• 30x 750mL Wine Bottles
• 30x Wine Corks
• Corker

• A Filter Machine with proper filter pads
• Shrink Caps and Labels


(No reviews yet) Write a Review