Ceramic Raschig Rings 1L

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Ceramic Raschig Rings 1L

Raschig Rings are an excellent distillation column filling due to their extremely high surface area and consistent, defined large void space. A benefit of using Raschig Rings as distillation column packing is that they are an inert type of packing so you don't have to worry about packing the column too tightly, which can cause choking.


  • Made of inert ceramic material
  • Each bag contains 1/2 L of Ceramic 6mmx6mm Raschig Rings


  • For a 2" x 36" column, use approximately 1.5 L of Raschig Rings.
  • For a 3" column, use approximately 5 L of Raschig Rings.
  • Using Raschig Rings inside your stainless steel distillers column will not remove sulfur compounds, but you can use both Raschig Rings and copper mesh (in top) together. 
  • Our 6x6mm ceramic raschig rings have over 50% more surface area than the same volume of 1/2" ceramic saddles. Having a large surface area without reducing the void space too dramatically is extremely important in reflux distillation. Because of the large size and decreased surface area, 1/2" ceramic saddles are best used only in considerably larger diameter columns.  As you can see by the picture here, 1/2" ceramic saddles are considerably larger than 6mm Raschig Rings:

Ceramic Raschig Rings are also great for all reflux-type distillation in your moonshine still, including alcohol (where legal). Raschig Rings are also overall better for distilling things like water and essential oils, which require more of an inert type of packing. Unlike with copper mesh, you don’t have to worry about packing the column too tightly, which can cause choking. Choking is when there’s not enough room for the vapor to rise and the refluxing liquid to descend in the column. The ceramic also possesses a greater surface area because of its porous nature, so that combined with the Raschig Rings’ incapacity to cause choking can actually make it easier to attain higher purity distillate than the copper mesh. Raschig Rings are also really easy to clean because you can just use some equipment cleaner—plus, they pretty much last forever. Well, at least until you lose them.

However, Raschig Rings aren’t without their disadvantages either. You’ll need to use them in a distillation column that has a way to hold them in place, such as a screen at the bottom of the lower column portion, so they don’t just fall straight through. This is true for any type of loose column packing, so if you do want to go with Raschig Rings, make sure your distillation column is equipped for it.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review