Dady Yeast 1.1 lb Distilling Distiller Distillers Moonshine

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A specially selected strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisae designed for distiller's use in grain mash fermentations for ethanol. DADY will produce maximum alcohol yields under controlled temperatures (less than 90 °F, 32 °C). It has been the choice of many producers in North America for over 20 years. It has been used for the manufacture of light spirit and Whiskeys. It is also used on corn mash and syrup fermentations.
Distiller's Yeast (DADY) 1.1 LB

DADY is a high alcohol tolerant strain of yeast that is used for the production of ethanol.  It is not a turbo yeast, and contains no nutrients.

1.1 lb. foil bag, purged with nitrogen to preserve quality.
Ferments up to 22% before slowing with proper Nutrients
Use nutrients to obtain the highest alcohol level prior to distillation (which of course is NOT legal as a beverage!).
Usually not used for wines or beers.
Sufficient yeast for approx 500 gallons
Typically not used for Beer or Wine. This is the yeast you need to make fuel.
This one pound pack is sufficient to ferment 500 gallons up to 22% alcohol before it starts slowing down.
Produces 14-22 percent alcohol.with proper Nutrients.
Requires yeast nutrients.
This distiller's yeast requires additional nutrients to ferment up to 22% alcohol.
Comes in a 1.1 lb. bulk pack.
Dry, Active, Distiller's, Yeast

DADY Distillers Moonshine / Alcohol Distilling Yeast 500g . Just add sugar and water and start stripping up to 22% Alcohol in about 5 Days!

Instructions on package:
Use 1-2 grams per gallon (0.125 - 0.25 teaspoons of yeast per gallon of wort. Pitch directly into the fermenting vessel, or rehydrate first in 90F water.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review