DIAM II Tasting Cork

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Product Overview

Black Plastic top, Reference Tasting Cork base; will stay firmer, cleaner.  T-top, otherwise known as bar top, tasting corks in your choice of quality.

Extremly nice cork quality and have a slightly smaller plastic T-top head.

Good fit 375ml, 750ml, 1.5 liter and ice wine (bellisima) bottles.

Will not fit 187ml Champagne bottles (use a tapered for these).

T-top corks are designed to be inserted all the way in by twisting and pushing and removed by twisting and pulling. Standard size shrink caps work with these tops.

Good for use while tasting or sampling a bottle of wine.

Keeps open bottle from being spilled and plastic serrated top aids in easy removal.

Can be inserted by hand.

Not recommend for lay down storage of any liquid but upright storage is fine.

Great when using wine bottles as promo's filled with red hots, M&M's or when sending wedding or party invitations in a bottle.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review