Distillers Caramel Caramel Color Top Shelf Essence By Still Spirits

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Distillers Caramel / Caramel Color / tinting agent Top Shelf Essence Still Spirits

This is a stable caramel colour ideally suitable for distilled spirit as it is slightly negative in charge and imparts a warm golden hue to the whiskey.

Refill for Still Spirits Whisky Profile Kit.

Used as a base for making Whiskey in the Still Spirits Whiskey Profile Kit. Refer to the recipe booklet provided with the kit for recipes

Note: Label design may change depending on production run.

50ml Bottle

Note: This product does not contain alcohol it is an essence / flavor / color

For giving your product a Caramel Color

50ml bottle of Top Shelf Distiller's Caramel, the preferred tinting agent for alcoholic beverages.  Distillers Caramel helps you perfectly match the color profile for the type of beverage you are making.  Taste is virtually neutral and does not affect flavor.  A small amount has the same coloring effect as years of oak aging.

Caramel is legally added to commercial brandy, Scotch whisky, and rum but by law not to American whiskey.  It is very easy to make expensive looking whiskey "clones", or design your own whiskey profile by combining various essences and colorings.

Distiller's Caramel is a specially made extra dark caramel used to color liquors, liqueurs and dark beers.  Add small amounts gradually until the desired color is reached.  Contains only Caramel and water.  Product of New Zealand. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review