Dutch Style Cheese Press (no mold included, assembly required.)

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Product Overview

Made in the USA. This Cheese press is handmade in New England and can be used for pressing any hard cheese from Cheddar to Swiss (Assembly required, mold not included).

DESCRIPTION: This press will give you up to 100lbs of pressure and will press up to a 10lb cheese. Made of maple, this press is well balanced and easy to use and will give you years of cheese making pleasure. A cheese mold must be purchased separately to go with this press.

Pressing weight is achieved by hanging weights at one of 4 notches on the lever arm. Each notch is a multiple so you can calculate how much pressure is being applied. For example, a 5lb weight hung at notch 3 would provide 15lbs of pressure. 

DIMENSIONS: 19-1/2"L x 9"W x 26-3/4"H

Proper Press Weights

The proper amount of weight for pressing a cheese should be to initially follow the cheese making guidelines for the particular cheese. However this can sometimes lead to over or under pressing the cheese due to the final cheese moisture or fat content. 

  • Over pressing can be recognized by excessive cloudy/milky whey or even butterfat leaking with the draining whey or on the cheese surface when turning. The higher fat cheese also requires less weight in the early pressing stages when butterfat is still in a liquid state.
  • Under pressing is the cause of unconsolidated curds in the final cheese. This can be identified with open curd spaces on the rind or excessive open spaces in the cheese body.
  • A tight smooth rind with open spaces in the cheese body. Can be an indication of excessive press weight initially sealing the surface and trapping moisture inside. This is usually accompanied by a cheese leaking moisture in the aging room.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review