Easy Double Lever Corker

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Italian Easy Double Lever Corker, adjustable drive height, all metal levers. Nylon body with spring that secures bottle while corking. For easier insertion, soak corks for at least two hours in a mild sanitizing solution before bottling. A levered corking machine is an improvement over the plunger design. As the name implies, leverage is used to push the cork through a tapered section that compresses the cork, then into the bottle.

Twin lever wing corker for corking wine bottles. The Easy corker has a unique spring mechanism that grabs the neck of the bottle and holds tight while the cork is inserted. Insert a cork into the plastic window and lower the handles. The depth of the cork can be adjusted by moving the 2 nuts on the top of the threaded shaft. Patented design made by Ferrari in Italy. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review