Enolmaster 4 Head Vacuum Bottle Filler

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Product Overview

The Enolmaster Vacuum Bottle Filler -- Professional bottling machine to fill up to four bottles at a time.

The semi-automatic filling machine Enolmaster is a  professional bottling wine , oil, beer, spirits, fruit juices and other products liquids.

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It works with the same principle of the filler Enolmatic: a vacuum pump draws the liquid from a container, place up to 4 m below. Within seconds it fills up to four bottles at a time. 

The small size and the supporting structure in stainless steel make it the bottler for oil mills, wineries, distilleries and breweries.
Bottle your wine the easy way, with the revolutionary Enolmatic Wine 4 Bottle Filler! This Italian bottle filler uses a vacuum pump to pump wine from the carboy or demijohn directly into the bottles, eliminating the need to lift the carboy onto an elevated surface and siphon.
What's more, the vacuum pump helps eliminate most oxygen. creating an environment perfect for long term wine stability! Wine can be pumped from up to 12 feet away. The fillers can be adjusted to fit almost any size bottle, and shut off automatically when the wine reaches the perfect level in the bottle. Any excess wine is safely collected in the collection vessel, so no wine goes to waste and no messes are created!
The Enolmatic Wine 4 Bottle Filler can be run continuously, and has the ability to bottle up to 600 bottles per hour! To clean, simply run cleaning solution or water through the unit into a few bottles, and you are good to go! If you are a wine maker who doesn't want to bother with all the lifting involved with carboys, the Enolmatic Wine Bottle Filler is the perfect tool to have in your collection!
  • Vacuum Filling--no contact between wine and pump or mechanical components
  • 4 Stainless Steel Filling Nozzles
  • 600 bottles/hour (~20% less for viscous products)
  • Fill level is adjustable
  • Wine tank can be up to 12 feet below the Enolmaster
  • 110 Volt
  • Weight 55 lbs
  • 26"L x 19"H x 18"W
  • Also fills magnums (Enolmatic will not)
  • An adjustable, vacuum-pump driven wine bottle filler that fills bottles automatically!
  • Evacuates most oxygen during filling and can fill bottles of almost any size!
  • No need to lug heavy carboys around, the vacuum pump pulls wine from the carboy and into four bottles at a time!
  • Container type: for bottles, for glass containers, container, bottle

  • Operational mode: manual, semi-automatic, automatic

  • Type: vacuum, vacuum

  • Product applications: for liquids, for food, for cosmetic products, for chemicals, beverage, for wine, for beer, fruit juice, water, for vedible oil, alcoholic beverage, perfume, for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics: tabletop, bench-top, compact

  • Throughput: Min.: 500 p/min Max.: 600 p/min


ENOLMASTER operates through the same principle of the Enolmatic filling machine. However, for its size and stainless steel frame, it is the ideal equipment for edible oil producers, cellars, wine-producers and distilleries.


Through vacuum operated filling, the product is bottled in the most natural way, allowing to maintain the product original qualities and features. When placing the bottle under the machine, the fluid is drawn by the vacuum created inside the container itself, without any contact between product and pumps or mechanical members.


ENOLMASTER fills about 600 bottles per hour, in perfect hygienic conditions and with no product spillage.

The filling level is adjustable: once selected, the machine automatically fills up the bottle to the desired level. Also, the tank from which the fluid is drawn can be placed even4 metersbelow ENOLMASTER.


to use and clean: a great advantage especially when bottling oil.

Kit Includes
  • Bottle filling unit with collection reservoir
  • 5 feet of 1 in. ID hose
  • Instructions
Enolmaster with 4 stainless nozzels
Dimensions 650 x 460 x 450 mm
Power 120 W
Weight 25 Kg
Power 220 V - 50/60 Hz 
100/110 V - 50/60 Hz
Production Speed WINE: ~ 600 b / h 
OIL: ~ 500 b / h
Bottle Neck ID from 16 to 28 mm
Bottle Height from 180 to 350 mm


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