Essential Extractor Psii- Column With Connector

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Product Overview

The Essential Extractor Pro Series II Column with Connector is a reflux distillation column incorporating our Pro Series cooling system and a 2-piece column for the greatest versatility.  By placing the cooling lines near the top of the distillation column, reflux is created where it is intended- at the top of the tower.  This allows for the most effective use of the column filling by causing the refluxed liquid to flow down through it, resulting in a cleaner distillate.  Crossing the cooling lines instead of leaving them parallel results in a much more efficient cooling system, requiring less cooling water while maintaining effectiveness.  And, by having the cooling system in direct contact with the rising vapor you achieve a far more efficient and effective cooling than systems that surround a column with a cooling water jacket.  The slow heat transfer rate through the thick column wall is much less efficient, and concentrates all of the cooling ability around the outside of the distiller column.  The result of jacketed columns is liquid channeling down the walls of the column, while not cooling the majority of the vapor as it is not in contact with the column wall.  While such a system may operate faster, it is at the expense of quality.


The two piece column allows the top portion of the column to attach directly to the kettle, giving you a true Pot Distillation column, without having to purchase another column separately.

The Pro Series II uses a full length distiller column that is more than 3' long, for true reflux operation.  This results in a cleaner, more pure distillate.



2 piece distillation column for use as a reflux column or pot distillation column

More than 3' total height

Made of dairy grade Stainless Steel beverage tubing

2 Stainless Steel Tri-Clamps

2 EPDM Chemical Tolerant Gaskets

1 EPDM Chemical Tolerant O-Ring for direct keg attachment

Pure Tan Gum Bung



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