Express Cloth Bottle Brush 16 in

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Express Cloth Bottle Brush 16" by Third Coast Design Works Clean your wine/beer bottle brush will clean your bottle in seconds! The revolutionary design of Clean Bottle Express uses a spiral force to make your bottle cleaning experience quick and painless. Clean your bottles in seconds allowing you to bottle your beer or wine quicker than ever! The Clean Bottle Express is thoroughly tested and is a revolutionary design for wine and beer bottle cleaning equipment. Once you have this product, you will not want to go back to any old way of cleaning your wine or beer bottles again. The Clean Bottle Express is designed to speed up the last minute cleaning process before bottling your beer or wine. The all-plastic stem is safer for use in glass bottles and fits a 3/8 " drill chuck. The cloth is not replaceable, but pricing is reasonable. All Clean Bottle Express bottle washers are designed to fit into any standard cordless drill with 1000 rpm motor. Simply attach to the drill, get Clean Bottle Express wet, insert into your bottle and press the trigger of your drill and watch how easy the Clean Bottle Express quickly removes any debris or old deposits from inside your beer or wine bottle.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review