Falconer's Flight 7Cs Hop Pellets (US)

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Want to throw a bunch of different hops into your next batch of IPA but don't want to buy several packages of hops? Then 7C's is the hop for you! 7C's is a blend of mostly "C" hops (Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, etc.) that has a bright citrus and well rounded fruit character.  Ideal for pale ales, IPA's and any other hop forward beer style.  The blend, which actually contains more than 7 hops (some of which don't start with a C), adds a delicious and complex flavor due to the assortment of hops used.  Formulated to add the perfect flavor to your next pale ale!
Typical usage: Aroma hop
Aroma: Strong fruit and citrus, spicy, earthy
Alpha acids: 9.0-10.5%
Beta acids: 4.7-5.10%
Total Oil: ~1.7 ml/100g
Notes: A hop blend recommended for pale ales 
Country of origin: USA
Hops are packaged in oxygen and light barrier bags.
Storability Average
Format Pellet
Origin American
Flavor and Aroma Citrus, Earthy, Spicy
Alpha Acids Average
Use Dual Purpose
Total Oil Content High


(No reviews yet) Write a Review