FastRack Beer Combo 3 Racks & 1 Tray

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Product Overview

FastRack Beer Combo 1 Rack & 1 Tray (Holds a total ot 72 12oz, (330ml or 375ml beer bottles)

Tired of setting up and taking down your beer bottle tree each time? Yah no kidding. Use FastRack to safely store your empties. FastRack is the best drying system for your sanitized bottles.

FastRack, the lastest homebrew tool to make homebrewing easier, faster and even more enjoyable.

Homebrewers are updating their homebrew supplies from old beer bottle trees to brand new FastRacks Today!

Works with Standard 12oz beer Bottles Each tray holds 24 Standard Bottles 12oz (330ml 375ml)

Getting Started Empty or clean bottles are inserted upside down making them secure and uniform Drain & Dry Dry your beer bottles & avoid contamination by never having contact on the inside.

Rack & Stack Rack and stack saving space and time. 72 beer bottles take up the same footprint as 24 beer bottles.

Collect & Store Keep your empties organized, stored safely and out of your Sweathearts way until your next homebrew batch.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review