Ferrari Champagne Floor Corker

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Product Overview

Multi-function unit that is able to cork both champagne and straight corks, as well as cap a metal crown cap with optional crown cap adapter (item BMW413). Release lever must be against jaw housing when corking.

Ferrari Champagne Floor Corker-Italian **Will Cork Natural Champagne Cork

Same specs and features as the Italian Floor Corker, but can insert champagne and Belgian corks as well as regular wine corks. Will cork 375 ml, 750 ml, or 1.5 liter wine bottles, champagne bottles, and 375 ml or 750 ml Belgian bottles.

A top-of-the-line floor corker that can insert champagne corks and Belgian corks, as well as regular wine corks. A larger opening beneath the iris mechanism allows for easy removal of corked champagne or Belgian bottles. Accommodates a wide variety of bottle sizes too.

Some describe this corker as the "Cadillac of corkers." Made by Ferrari in Italy: a top of the line high quality Italian floor corker with brass iris compression fittings and effortless performance. The bottle is locked in place while being corked. The minimum bottle height is 9" and maximum height is 15". The corker ships boxed and requires minor assembly. This corker can cork champagne bottles without an adapter. It is a deep midnight blue color. 

Easy to use with high quality corks and large enough to eliminate stooping down for each bottle, like on smaller units.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review