Ferrari Floor Corker With Chrome Jaws

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Product Overview

Italian Floor Corker By Ferrari Chrome plated iris last longer and is stronger than brass. La Dio Padre' of floor corkers. Chrome plated brass crimping jaws.

This corker with chrome plated brass jaws folds flat into a box for storage when not in use. When assembled, You can cork standard wine bottles quickly and easily. The 4 jaw iris mechanism compresses the cork evenly, before pushing it into the bottle with a metal pin mechanism. The depth of the cork can be varied by changing the level of the nut on the metal pin.

Assembly/disassembly: 3 parts ship unassembled and must be secured before use, and removed before storage; The metal handle (lever), the front leg, and the rear legs.

If you are looking for the best, this is it! Handle breaks down into two sections for easier storage.

Corks all standard size wine bottles including 375ml, 750ml and 1.5 ltr.
Minimum Bottle height: 9 in.
Maximum bottle Height: 15 in.
Minimum Cork Size: 22x38mm
Maximum Cork Size: 30x45mm

Quality Italian floor corker with Chrome plated brass jaws and effortless performance.

Ships boxed and requires minor assembly.

Made by Ferrari in Italy. Adjustable nut on plunger allows you to change the height of the cork in the bottle.

Works well with our Belgian Corks, too!

Caps beer bottles too with the optional crown adapter for crown beer caps


(No reviews yet) Write a Review