Food Grade Dry Silicone Lubricant Spray (11.5 Oz)

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Product Overview

QuestVapco Slide Out Dry Silicone Spray (Food Grade) is a food-grade dry silicone spray made specifically for lubricating equipment in the packaging and processing industry. This aerosol leaves a non-staining dry silicone film that will not melt, freeze, gum, or become rancid. It's also heat stable from -450°F to 450°F and has many uses, including freeing up sticking metal, wood, rubber, and plastic. Use it to waterproof canvas, rubber, leather, and chrome surfaces too. It's safe on all plastics and contains no methylene chloride. 11.5 oz aerosol.

Food grade lubricant
Non-toxic and heat stable formula
Use on: O-rings, gaskets, seals, tubing and more
Leaves a dry pure silicone film to lubricate parts
Will not gum up, freeze, or become rancid
Approved for use in food processing areas


(No reviews yet) Write a Review