Gilda Single Lever Aperature Corker

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Product Overview

The Gilda Compression Hand Corker is the corker most similar to how a floor corker operates. Add a cork, compress the handles, push the lever, and the cork goes in. 
A friend to help hold the bottle would be a good idea when using this corker. 
This corker offers an adjustable depth setting as well.

Gilda Single Lever Corker is a single arm action corker with powerful crimping jaxs similiar to the Italian floor corker. 

Handheld corker with plastic iris jaws. Use one hand to squeeze the levers that compress the cork, the other hand operates the plunger lever

A high quality hand bottle corker.  Made of nylon and aluminum

Note: When compressing the cork you do not need the handles to touch to get the cork in the bottle.

Note: Synthetic Corks do not work well with hand corkers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review