Glass Hydrometer Test Jar with Bumpers

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Glass Hydrometer Test Jar with Bumpers 13" high w/ plastic foot & collar to help prevent breakage. Comes with protective bumper guard and plastic base.

Use this hydrometer test jar container for accurate measurement of beer, wine, or distilled spirits samples. This jar is 14" tall and 1" across the inside.  The 1.75" wide green plastic base insures stability of the sample. The clear test tube also allows for the color and clarity of the sample to be easily measured.  This jar is dishwasher safe and will not discolor and crackle like a plastic jar.

Glass jars are much better than plastic for use with alcohol and will not degrade and leach chemicals into your sample.   On the down side they do break, but with care it could last you a lifetime.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review