Glass Wine Thief

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Product Overview

An inexpensive and handy glass wine thief. Glass is easy to clean and sanitize, and it comes in a plastic case for storage.

Great for taking smaller samples to taste, or hydrometer readings from 1 gallon jars

Diameter: 3/4 inch, length: 12 inches. VolumeĀ 40ml.

The wine thief is made of glass and has traditional design. Used for extracting small samples from jugs, carboys, barrels and other vessels. It has narrow spout at bottom that allows a controlled release of the wine. The other end has a convenient indentation for gripping the thief between the Index and middle fingers.

This Glass Beer and Wine Thief makes it quick and easy to take small samples of homebrew beer or wine for testing. The 12" long thief has a convenient indentation at the top that allows for comfortable gripping between the index and middle fingers, and the bottom has a narrow spout that helps to control the release of your sample. Simply submerge the thief in the beer or wine, cover the top hole with your finger, and lift out the sample and release it into a testing container.

Unlike a plastic thief, glass is much easier to clean and sanitize, and will not develop small cracks where bacteria can hide. The glass construction will also allow you to check the color and clarity of your beer or wine.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review