IO-Star by Five Star

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Product Overview

IO Star by Five Star is a low foaming Iodine sanitizer formulated to use as a sanitizing spray on walls and equipment.  It will reduce odors and is effective against e-coli and s s typhose as well as most mold and yeast.

IOStar is an iodine based no-rinse sanitizer. 1-2 minute contact time when used in the concentration of 1oz per 5 gallons. It will slightly stain vinyl tubing and some plastic parts over time but will not affect the functionality of the tubing at all.

No rinse is required at recommended concentrations. Trusted for years in the bottling, dairy and food industries, iodine-based sanitizers such as IO Star have proven their place in the homebrewer's arsenal of sanitizing supplies.

Does not corrode steel or copper.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review