Irish Moss

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The most common kettle fining, Irish Moss also called 'copper finings', is added to the kettle 15 minutes before the end of the boil at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of wort. Irish Moss assists the coagulation and precipitation of proteins during the boil helping to create a good hot break Irish Moss is a seaweed, with the active ingredient carrageenan, it helps coagulate haze forming proteins, reducing haze. Recommended usage is 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of beer (wort). Add 15 minutes before the end of the boil.

Irish Moss is a fining agent used by many brewers to help make a clear beer without the need for a filter, and to prevent chill haze. Irish Moss accelerates protein coagulation during the end of the boil which helps prevent chill haze.

Irish moss is a beer clarifier used in the boil to combat haze, use 1/2 to 1 tsp. for 5 gallons and it is added with 15 minutes remaining in the boil.

Irish moss should be re-hydrated at least 15 minutes before adding it to your boil. Make this part of your set up routine. Add the re-hydrated Irish moss the last 15 minutes of your boil.

  • All-natural brewing additive for creating brilliantly clear beers
  • Remove excessive proteins from wort to reduce chill haze and improve beer stability
  • Irish moss, Chondrus Crispus, is a marine algae from the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America


(No reviews yet) Write a Review