Italian Double Lever Corker

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Product Overview

The double lever corker is a good choice for the winemaker on a budget. Plastic and metal construction. Put the cork in the chamber, rest the corker on the bottle, and push down on both levers—works best if you've got a helper to hold the bottle still. 

Folds compact for storage, unlike larger corkers.

This double lever corker is a good economical choice for a corker.

Can only be used for size 7 or size 8 corks.

Plunger depth is adjustable, Italian Double Lever Corker is adjustable to ensure accurate levels for your cork to seal properly

Featuring a sleek metal design, double levers and adjustable plunger depth this corker will make any corking project a breeze.

This double lever corker, makes your project as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Place cork in chamber

2. Place corker over bottle

3. Depress levers, corking your bottle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review