Johnny Walker Red Label Profile Kit By Still Spirits

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Product Overview

The recipe below shows the measurements in milliliters (mls) and is designed to make 1x 750mL of Johnny Walker Red Label Style spirit.

Each Whiskey Profile bottle contains 50mls, so you will get quite a few bottles from the batch.


Johnny Walker Red Label Style
Whiskey Profile “B” 13.3ml
Oak Cask 1.6ml
Peat Smoke 0.3ml
Cereal Notes 0.9ml
Distillers Caramel 0.7ml
Glycerine 4.5ml


  • Add all ingredients to 750mL of your 40% distilled spirit and leave for 5 days in the bottle before serving.

    50ml bottles

    Still Spirits is the recognised world leader in distilling products and spirit flavours. With Still Spirits, you can easily make low cost alcohol and turn it into delicious, full flavoured, alcoholic beverages that evoke the taste of far more expensive spirits & liqueurs.

    Still Spirits Flavours can be added right in to instantly flavour neutral spirits - giving them the flavour you know and love, for example, a brandy, a whiskey style, or a vodka type flavour. These flavours are inspired by, and evoke a range of different styles and tastes. They are in no way connected to, or associated with any individual liquor brand, distiller or region.

    Note: Label design may change depending on production run.

    Note: This product does not contain alcohol it is an essence / flavor


      (No reviews yet) Write a Review