Junket Rennet Tablets pack of 8 Tablets

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Junket Rennet Tablets pack of 8 Junket Rennet tablets are not sweetened or flavored and primarily used for making custard, ice cream. Sugar and flavor can be added to your products if desired. Junket tablets are helpful for making easily digested milk foods and also for making smoother ice cream and various cheeses. Recipes for cottage cheese, Americain mozzarella, neufchatel spreadable cheese, feta, basic hard cheese, ricotta, Junket rennet vanilla custard, honey 'n gram custard, rennet custard for babies, sugar-free vanilla rennet custard desserts and misc ice cream flavors are included in each box. Each box consists of 8 Rennet Tablets. Weight: 0.23 OZ. (6.5 grams) 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review