Lalvin D254 Dry Wine Yeast

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Rhone isolate for both red and white wines. Vigorous fermenter with a short lag time, this yeast creates enhanced mouthfeel and color stability due to polysaccharide-tannin complexing. Benefits include a high fore-mouth volume, big mid-palate mouthfeel, and intense fruit concentration in all wines, with the following differences: In red wines, ICV-D254 gives a jammy, concentrated, yet soft ripe fruit character, that can often have licorice and a mild spiciness to it. Red wines made with ICV-254 may be blended with ICV-D80 for a more concentrated, fuller-bodied wine. In white wines, however, butterscotch, smoke, hazelut, and almond characters are common but the yeast will definitely require nutrients. Some premium Chardonnay winemakers blend this yeast with CY3079 to create a wine with nutty aromas and a creamy mouthfeel. ICV-D254 is a vigorous fermenter, which means that it will run hot and fast if you let it get away from you, so rein it in if possible. For best results, 53 to 82 degrees F is recommended. Tolerant up to 16% alcohol.

S. cerevisiae • cerevisiae

  • Isolated by the ICV from a Rhône Valley Syrah fermentation.
  • It has been known to have an alcohol tolerance of up to 16% (v/v) when the fermentation is aerated and the temperature is maintained below 28°C(82°F).
  • In red wines, Lalvin ICV D254 develops ripe fruit, jam and cedar aromas together with mild spiciness. On the palate it contributes high fore-mouth volume, big mid-palate mouthfeel and intense fruit concentration.
  • When used for white wines (particularly Chardonnay), sensory descriptors include butterscotch, hazelnut and almond aromas.


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