Lalvin ICV Opale Dry Wine Yeast

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The most recent yeast selection from the ICV, Opale is an interesting strain that has been shown to enhance varietal characteristics in warm weather / high brix grapes which might otherwise produce neutral wines. Particular benefits have been shown in Chardonnay. A great selection for grapes that have ripened a bit too far. This strain has excellent fermentation qualities with a short lag phase and medium nitrogen requirements. Opale can produce significant amounts of SO2 and as such, may inhibit malolactic fermentation. Great strain for Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rose wines. Alcohol tolerant to 14% and temperature range of 59-86°F.

This is the latest natural yeast selection from the Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV). When compared with other yeasts, the Lalvin ICV OPALE® develops more volatile aromatic compounds, resulting in intense and complex fruit aromas in premium white and rosé wines. This yeast also shows good fermentation abilities in the high maturity grapes coming from the Mediterranean and Rhône regions. Wines fermented with ICV OPALE® give the initial impression of volume and softness, followed by a round, intense mid-palate and balanced finish.


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review