Mad Millie White Mould Culture - Zx27 (3 Pack) [Freezer]

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Product Overview

Penicillium Camemberti (ZX27) (also known as Penicillium candidum or Penicillium caseiolum) are essential in the ripening process of white surface mould cheeses such as Camembert and Brie.

Penicillium Camemberti contributes to ripening of your cheese in the following ways:
  • Characteristic appearance of the cheese
  • Flavour and texture
  • Protects the cheese surface against contaminants

Shelf life is 12 months when stored in the freezer. These mould spores last out of the freezer (at room temperature) for 2 months so will be fine during postage. However, we suggest storing them in the freezer as soon as you get them in order to prolong their life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review