ManCan Mini Keg Growler (Stainless Steel) - 128 oz

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Product Overview

The ManCan is an indestructible one gallon, patent pending keg that will keep your favorite beer fresh, carbonated and on the go. Made from stainless steel ManCan's are made to very high quality standards. The unique threaded lid removes for easy filling and cleaning. ManCan also has tapping systems that will thread in for a true on the go experience. 

As a growler replacement have it filled at your local brewpub.  For homebrewing use it as a 1 gallon keg.  

The ManCan 128 is the most amazing, stainless steel beer vessel ever! It's also the foundation of our Machismo Kit and Flex Kit lines. The 128 holds a GALLON of beer (128oz, thus the name). As a growler alternative, it's unsurpassed in form and function. The included rubber gasket-sealed cap both locks in the freshness of your beer (for longer than we want to admit) and is our recommended way of transporting a ManCan from the brewery or fill station.


        (No reviews yet) Write a Review