Millennium Hop Pellets (US)

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Millennium was, unsurprisingly, released in the year 2000. Emanating from the John I. Haas Breeding Program, Millennium hops are directly descended from Nugget and are considered similar in many ways to Columbus. They were born largely out of a desire for greater disease resistance and storage stability. They work well as a bittering agent in American-style ales, Stouts and are considered mild in character with an ability to impart herbaceous notes and elements of resin.

Also Known As  
Characteristics  Mild, herbaceous, elements of resin
Purpose Bittering
Alpha Acid Composition 14.5%-16.5%
Beta Acid Composition 4.3%-5.3%
Co-Humulone Composition 28%-32%
Country  US
Cone Size  
Cone Density  
Seasonal Maturity  
Yield Amount  2464-2913 kg/hectare (2200-2600 lbs/acre)
Growth Rate  
Resistant to  
Susceptible to  
Storability  Retains 76% alpha acid after 6 months storage at 20ºC (68ºF)
East of Harvest  
Total Oil Composition 1.8-2.2 mL/100g
Myrcene Oil Composition 30%-40%
Humulene Oil Composition 23%-27%
Caryophyllene Oil 9%-12%
Farnesene Oil < 1%
Substitutes Columbus, Nugget, Summit™, CTZ
Style Guide Stout, Ale, American Ale


(No reviews yet) Write a Review