Muntons Unhopped Light Single Can (3.3 lb.)

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Muntons Light LME Single 3.3 LB Can Light-colored English malt syrup, a bit darker than Extra-Light. Use for pale ale, IPA, and bitter. This quality plain (unhopped) light malt extract is made by Muntons of the UK. One of the worlds finest producers of malt. This malt extract is simple to adapt and use as the basis for a wide range of recipes. Selected English lager malt is used to produce this fine consistent light malt extract. Typical analyses when canned Colour (EBC Units) 8 - 12 Bitterness (EBU's) N/A Solids (by refractometer) 80% - 82% Acidity (as lactic) 1% max pH 5 - 6 Free Amino Nitrogen 0.15%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review