(No Label) 24 Hour Turbo With Ag(Pp)

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Dual purpose moonshine yeast. 14% in 24 hours or 20% in 5-7 days.

This 24-Hour Turbo distillers yeast is specially formulated for a pure fermentation, and produces very little volatiles.

Compare to Alcotec 24-Hour Turbo Yeast

Pour 21 liters (5.5 gallons) of 40 deg. C (140 deg F.) water into your fermenter. Add 6 kg (13.2 lbs) of sugar and mix well. Add one package of 24 turbo yeast and stir for one minute. Leave to ferment at 20-30 deg C (68-86 deg F.). Optimum is 25 deg C. (77 deg F.)


  • An extremely fast yeast for distillation purposes
  • Capable of making 6.5 gallons of 13% alcohol in 24 hours
  • 18% can be achieved in 5 days with correct temperature and sugar volume.
  • Great for making vodka
  • best yeast for moonshine


(No reviews yet) Write a Review