(No Label) 48 Hour Turbo With AG(PpP)

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Product Overview

Used to produce a range of alcoholic beverages and will provide a more natural, smooth, fuller flavor than using potable distilled alcohol (GNS). Containing complete, chemically defined macro and micro nutrition blended with vigorous, temperature tolerant active dried distillers yeast; TY48 is capable of fermenting pure glucose-based sugar syrups such as “95DE” to 20% ABV in 7 days with no additional nutritional requirements. TY48 can be used to ferment any fermentable sugar based feedstock but is especially recommended for fermentation of pure glucose-based feed stocks such as 95DE glucose syrup. TY48 contains fermentation activators to ensure rapid start to fermentation; this combined with very low bacterial content eliminates the potential for bacterial spoilage where good plant hygiene is observed. 

Compare to Alcotec 48-Hour Turbo Yeast

Temperature Range: 68F to 90F (20C-32C)
Volume Produced: 6.5 US gallons (25L)
Form: Dried
Alcohol Tolerance: 20% - equivalent to 17.6lb (8kg) sugar in 5.5 US gallons (21L) water

Instructions to make 6.5 US gallons (25L) of 14% alcohol in 48 hours or 20% alcohol in 5 days:

Pour 5.5 US gallons (21L) of 104F (40C) water into your fermenter. Add 13.2lb (6kg) (for 14% in 48 hours) or 17.6lb (8kg) (for 20% in 5 days) of sugar and mix well until completely dissolved. Then add 1 sachet of 48 Hour Turbo Yeast and stir for one minute. Leave to ferment in 68-90F (20-32C). Notice that fermentation times above may vary a little depending on your ambient air temperature


(No reviews yet) Write a Review