Oxygen Absorbing Beer Bottle Caps Crowns

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Product Overview

These colored caps are a great way to mark different batches and customize your brew!  Contain an Oxygen Scavenging Agent in the liner, which means your beer will taste better, longer! Available in different colors

26mm Crown Caps

Note: 50 Bottle Caps is enough for a 5 gallon batch and a few extra.

26 mm diameter caps fit American bottles such as 12oz long necks. Some imported bottles and some sparkling wine bottles use a 29 mm cap instead. We recommend test fitting prior to filling if you're re-using an imported bottle

Special Note on "Cold Activated Color"
Cold Activated caps are a nifty way to cap your bottles! The caps turn blue when they are cold. The caps start to change to blue at 46.4 degrees and at 41 degrees they are at their maximum blue tonality indication



(No reviews yet) Write a Review